Troutman Family Pictures in Mills River

I always enjoy my photo sessions. Taking pictures is my favorite thing to do, so of course I enjoy it. Every now and then, I have a session that just goes perfectly. That's how Saturday afternoon was with the Troutman family.

For starters, we had amazing February weather. It was 60° and sunny with a slight breeze. That's the kind of weather that makes you remember why you've been longing for spring, you know? And I know that everything is lush and green and colorful come April or May, but I love the neutral background of a winter landscape.

Adding to the great weather was the awesome personality of this family. They were sweet and happy to be there, totally willing to walk around the farm and let me experiment with different lighting and poses. Their little boy smiled and looked at the camera and did all of those magical things that I usually have to work really hard to get kids his age to do. 

And then there's the obvious--this family is beautiful, inside and out, and they get along so well. I can do a lot with a camera and light, but I can't make people look happier than they are. 

Sometimes, everything just comes together and we end up with amazing pictures. I think that happened on Saturday in Mills River. Thank you so much, Troutman family, for letting me take your family pictures!