The Mains Family Session at Carl Sandburg

Were you out and about this past Saturday morning? The weather in Hendersonville was absolutely perfect for family pictures. The sky was blue, the humidity was low, and the temperature was just cool enough to put a little spring in your step. 

I met the Mains family for the first time at the Carl Sandburg house, and besides being charmed by the adorable kids, I was immediately impressed with their outfit choices. I often have clients ask me what they should wear for their photo shoots, and I'm going to start referring them to these pictures as an example. Everyone is comfortably dressed, they coordinate without being too matchy, and the colors chosen (lots of neutrals with a pop of color) complement the beauty of the setting without detracting from it. And the accessories are perfect, too: they add personality, but they aren't distracting.


Apart from wearing amazing outfits, these guys were altogether enjoyable. The baby hardly made a peep, and the little guy was so fun and full of life. He had me completely charmed before I'd taken the first picture. 

Really, all of that is to say that I would have enjoyed this Saturday morning even if I hadn't been taking photos, but getting some awesome family pictures at one of my favorite places in Hendersonville made it even better. 

Thanks so much for letting me spend my Saturday morning with you guys!