Adam's Senior Pictures

Adam is my third cousin. I think. He might be my second cousin twice removed, or once removed, but I'm not great with genealogy. Let's just say that we are cousins, but we only see each other once a year or so. We're related enough that I knew he was probably going to college soon, but I hadn't realized that he'd be going this fall.

I was thrilled when his mom contacted me about doing his senior pictures. I'm always thrilled when someone contacts me for a shoot, but doing senior pictures with family is about as fun as it gets. To familiarize myself with the kind of guy he's grown into, I sort of kind of stalked Adam on social media before the shoot, and I then proceeded to bombard him with all of the facts I'd learned. I was going for "hip and relatable" but I'm afraid I came off as "unsettling." Sorry, Adam. But I'm glad to know that we like some of the same TV shows. You clearly have excellent taste.

Did I mention that it was pouring throughout this whole shoot? I started seeing tiny raindrops on my windshield as I drove to Ridge Haven, and I hoped against hope that it was a quick shower that would stop any moment. But it didn't, and it was okay. We worked with the rain, and Adam and his mom helped me find some really great locations to use that were under cover. 

We took pictures and trampled on trails and chatted throughout, and I have to say that taking Adam's senior pictures was one of the most fun things I've done in a while. It helps that he was super photogenic and cooperative. He has been a camp counselor at Ridge Haven for the past few summers, so he knew his way around the site like a pro.

After we'd gotten a good number of pictures and the shoot was winding down, Adam suggested that we go to a nearby waterfall. I agreed, of course, because I never say no to waterfalls. We hiked down through the muddy woods, got a few pictures, and headed back up to the car.


As much fun as I had taking pictures (and trust me, I had a LOT of fun taking pictures), I have to say that rainy walk to the falls was my favorite part of the day. Sure, I walked back blindly because my glasses were completely fogged up and useless, but it was such a great experience to hang out with a cousin of mine whom I rarely see. Adam, I'm thrilled to see that you've grown (and grown and grown and grown) into such an awesome guy. Best of luck at school next year, and I look forward to seeing you at the family reunion in July!