Warren Family Maternity Pictures

I've known the Warren family for a long, long time. I met Taylor when we were both in the church orchestra in middle school, and then he played the violin at my wedding. Katie used to be a nanny for my two youngest sisters. Now, they're both parents to Bailey, who is sweet, beautiful, and so well-behaved. (She also has perhaps the bluest eyes in the entire world.) 

Last Spring, this family was faced with a heavy loss. Katie was pregnant with their second child, a son, when she realized that too much time had passed since she felt him move. Though they never held Hunter while he was alive, their love for him is still obvious. He's an important part of their family, even if he isn't in these pictures.

Their third child, a boy, is due in May. It's a hopeful time, and I was so happy to be able to take some pictures in celebration of this pregnancy. This little boy has brought his family so much joy already, and I know he's going to grow up surrounded by love.

I'm always happy to spend time with this beautiful family, and especially happy to take their pictures. Congratulations, Warren family, and I can't wait to see what blessings the future holds for you.