Josh and Sarah's Engagement Pictures

Last weekend, I was able to spend some time taking engagement pictures for a really great young couple. Josh works with my husband, so I had met him before, but until last Saturday, I had never spent any time with him and Sarah together. 

Turns out, they're adorable. They have a relaxed, comfortable way of interacting with each other, and it was fun to be in their presence. The day wasn't exactly warm, and they were outside for quite a while, but they didn't seem to mind too much. 

I also have to mention their cute little dog, McFly. They adopted him from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and let me tell you, that is one loved little puppy. I think it's great when families bring their dogs to our sessions, and McFly seemed pretty excited to be there. There were so many things to smell!

Josh and Sarah are getting married in September, and I can't wait to be there to help memorialize their special day. Congratulations on your engagement, you two!